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Cultivating Resilience

Cultivating Resilience

Cultivating Resilience is my weekly newsletter featuring essays, resources, diagrams and comics, and curated reading on how we can better adapt in times of change.

Recent issues have covered topics like how a former Stanford Dean learned to let her adult child struggle more, using asynchronous video to communicate better on distributed teams, applying the lessons of engineering oncall towards other areas of life, and whether obsessing about our mental health could be bad for our mental health

Every Saturday, more than 1,600 founders, investors, engineers, and org leaders from all over the globe receive it straight to their inbox.

What People are Saying:

A very human take on the tech world I'm usually overly immersed in, and I love it for that
Useful, cross-domain thinking
The only newsletters I subscribe to are yours and Astral Codex Ten
Frequently informative, inspiring in a personal and friendly manner

Recent Issues

076: How an Ex-Stanford Dean Learned to Embrace Her Child’s Struggle
🖼 Sweat Therapy (Scotch & Bean) + 👉 Bilal Mahmood for State Assembly
066: How Masculine Ideals Affect Resilience
🖼 Lessons Learned (Scotch & Bean) + 👉 Flow Club (focused virtual coworking)
063: The Resilience of Simone & Suni
This is the 63rd edition of Cultivating Resilience, a weekly newsletter how we build, adapt, and lead in times of change—brought to you by Jason Shen, a 1st gen immigrant, retired gymnast, and 3x startup founder turned Facebook PM. Subscribe now 🧠 On Simone and SuniI wrote a new column
059: INFRA - Mapping the impact of change
🧠 The INFRA model + 🖼 How communication really works + 👉 Visual Creator Kit
042: 🧠 How Near Misses and Failures Lead to Success
Also: 🖼 Morning Larks vs Night Owls + 👉 Self-Compassion Journaling

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