Hey, I’m Jason. I believe that every day is a chance to unlock new possibilities for ourselves—and rising to that challenge takes guts, discipline, and imagination.

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Since 2010, The Art of Ass-Kicking has been where I examine the strategies that individuals and organizations use to achieve and sustain high performance. I also write regularly for Fast Company and Better Humans.

Note: all writing on this site represents my personal views and not the views of any current or past employers.

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I’ve been blogging here for nearly a decade, so there’s a lot to go through, but here some of my favorite and most-read pieces:

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About Me

I’m the cofounder and CEO of Midgame, a company that helps gamers and esports teams play at their best with voice-enabled tools and experiences.

My first startup, Ridejoy, competed with early versions of Lyft and was backed by Y Combinator and top Silicon Valley investors. My most recent company, the tech hiring platform Headlight, was acquired in 2019.  I’ve written for Fast Company and Quartz, been interviewed by The New York Times and The Atlantic, and spoken on four continents at places like Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and TED.

I earned a BS and MS in biology at Stanford University, where I learned to think empirically like a scientist. I also captained Stanford’s men’s gymnastics team to the 2009 NCAA team championship, where I learned that nothing beats winning as a team.

As first-generation immigrant, I advocate on behalf of Asian Americans, in part by running The Asian American Man Study, and serve on the board of directors for the national civic tech nonprofit, the Presidential Innovation Fellowship Foundation.

On the personal side: I love athletic challenges and hold Guinness World Records for both Aztec pushups (set in 2014) and burpee pull-ups (2018).

I grew outside of Boston, spent almost a decade in Silicon Valley, and now live with my wife Amanda in Brooklyn… but I’ll never root for the Yankees.

With my wife Amanda at the Bushwick Collective (Zhanna Kurmanova)

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