What We Do in Coaching

What We Do in Coaching

Discussion topics and activities that come up in exec coaching sessions with Jason Shen

If you've never worked with an executive coach, you might naturally ask yourself—what happens in coaching?

And even if you've worked with a coach before, there are some many flavors, styles, and approaches to how coaches operate. Some coaches never give advice and primarily ask questions. Some coaches share their direct experience often, others rarely do.

This is meant to be a non-exhaustive list of the kinds of conversations I have with clients and the types of things we work through in session.

March 2024

Female Founder (woman, AuADHD, Seed)

Male and Female Founders (Black, Hapa, bootstrapped)

Male Founder (South Asian, Seed, pivot)

Male Executive (White, Series B)

Male and Female Founders (White, Seed, pivot)

Female Founder (woman, South Asian, in transition)

Male Founder (East Asian, bootstrapped)

Male Executive (East Asian, PE-funded)