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Starting Over

Jason Shen
Jason Shen
1 min read

Due to an unfortunate combination of bad actors and my own neglect, I’ve had to do a full reboot of my blog. I should be able to recover / republish many of the posts over time, but backlinks may be an issue, perhaps indefinitely.

While this is of course frustrating, there’s also a sense of relief. A fresh start. There’s something uplifting about a blank slate and having a chance to redefine myself and what I write about.

Early on, I tried to make everything I wrote a direct reflection of personal experience. My shield was always “this is what happened to me and what I got out of it”.

Now as I near a decade of writing, I’m more comfortable saying “this is what is true about the world and how I think it ought to be”. Of course that statement is still based on my own, limited experience, and it’s going to miss things. But that’s for others to consider and decide.

I’m excited to see what emerges from this new era. It’s never too late to start over.


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