Midgame’s Next Chapter

Midgame’s Next Chapter


We’re headed to Facebook!

As builders and entrepreneurs, we’ve always been interested in using data and technology to fulfill human needs: in commerce, recruiting, and gaming.

Before we founded Midgame, Wayne and Jason first started working together at Etsy, where we built systems and tools that powered millions of small businesses.

At Headlight, we helped employers hire great talent faster in a less biased way before making a hard pivot into gaming and esports. At Midgame, we’re proud of the pioneering products we built to help competitive esports teams play better and win more and a voice assistant that helped gamers stay in the game and connect groups of friends.

Now we’re continuing that journey in a new place.

The Midgame team is excited to announce that we’re headed to Facebook—working to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Wayne and Jason have joined a team within Enterprise Engineering, building systems that help the company move faster and scale globally.

Lilly has been accepted into a competitive rotational engineering program where she’ll get to work on different groups within Facebook and expand her skillset before joining us.

This is bittersweet because it also means we are shutting down Midgame and seeking to sell our intellectual property.

We are entertaining buyers for the IP behind GroupUp, our esports analytics tools and GA, our gaming Discord bot. If you or anyone you know would like to speak with us about acquiring the tech behind these two products, please reach out at team@midgame.gg.

Counting our Blessings

First and foremost, we are grateful for our users. At Midgame, we launched many different products and we would have never been able to get anywhere without the support of our gaming community.

Dang, the bot was REALLY fun to use to the point where it spoiled me. I had only very recently started playing Stardew Valley so after I got used to the fluent and uninterrupted playing with the bot, I couldn’t go back.

The only other bot I also had experience with was GA. And the only thing I can say in regards to that is the same one that was the ultimate feature of the bot. The feature that made GA and voice chat inseparable. The feature that will always be in our hearts….ga fart.

Thank you for all the fun times!


Learning about Jason and the team, even being given the opportunity to speak with Jason (with much thanks to Lilly) has definitely shifted my career path and way of thinking about my future and I am truly sad that the dreams that people dared to pursue had to go down in such unfortunate times.


When the voice activating was released it was way too funny when me and my friend were playing games with GA on our voice channel. We were talking in Polish, but GA sometimes catched some words that sounded like English. Just imagine that:
— No nie, znowu zginąłem… (Ah, shit, I died again…)
— *Sad Trombone*

All I want to say is huge Thank you to the dev team. Thank you for involving me and my friend, it was so much fun to play games, test bot and feel useful at the same time. Love you all, stay safe!


I really enjoyed working on the Stardewbot. Stalking the wiki and transcribing it was amusing to me because there were a surprising number of errors and I really enjoyed correcting them. I won’t forget the numerous new games I had to create in order to stalk characters around. Btw, Evelyn does practically nothing. She was not worth stalking for a week.

I was a pretty casual Stardew player and still am, but I learned a lot about the game during that time. It has really helped to have the random knowledge of the favorite gifts and schedules of the various npcs. Stardewbot was honestly an amazing idea. It made playing multiplayer much easier for me since you can’t pause time to look things up.


Shout Outs

We’re grateful to our investors for believing in us and our vision(s) as well as their guidance and mentorship throughout this journey.

We’re grateful to our employees, interns, and contractors: Aaron Moodie, Dylan Hackel, Humaira Khan, Justin Fairchild, Johnson Lin, Lilly Chen, Mark Cai.

We’re grateful to the friends who have been along for this journey, especially

Avichal Garg, Belinda Ju,Bilal Mahmood, Dan Na,Derek Flanzraich, Hamilton Chan, James To, Kelsey Hunter, Pratik Prasad, Ryan Gerard,Todd Hooper,Coach Tonyfor going above and beyond the Call of Duty™️.

Finally, we’re grateful to our spouses Dana Feinberg-Gerard and Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya for their love, patience, and support throughout all our crazy adventures. Here’s to the next one!


👨🏻‍💻 Jason Shen
👨🏼‍💻 Wayne Gerard

Founders of Midgame

PS: Just for fun, here’s our promo video for GA one last time

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