MC#025: Reorgs

MC#025: Reorgs


Why reorg's aren't all bad, launching a multi-year charitable effort

Hey friends,

This is the 25th edition of Making Connections, where we take a random (illustrated) walk down tech, fitness, product thinking, org design, nerd culture, persuasion, and behavior change.

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Visual: Reorgs can be fun

If you get to ditch all the dumb mistakes you made before the switchover. Trying out a little comic: Scotch and Beans. You can probably tell who is who.

Thought: Hand-on Giving

This past week I announced the launch of 13 Fund, a joint venture in Angel Philanthropy with my friend Bilal where we are committing to donation or $100,000 over 4 years to 12 underdog organizations supporting causes we care about.

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In tech, folks who gain some level of wealth either through founding a company or being an early employee, tend to start angel investing, buying small stakes in early stage startups. On the other hand, a lot of attention and headlines about major philanthropic giving focuses on gifts to museums, performing arts, or universities.

Given the realities of 2020, we wanted to do something different. Something more akin to angel philanthropy. Something that combines the hands-on, smaller check, and higher risk elements of angel investing with the focus on public good of philanthropy. We know we’re not the first to identify this approach, but we don’t see many of peers taking this route and we wanted to talk through it.

Introducing 13 Fund

Check out: Pitch

Looks like the next-generation of presentation software. I like the Superhuman-style keyboard shortcut menu (Command + K) and the integration of Google Sheets and Google Analytics. You know they got a lot of backing b/c they just came out of private beta after 2 years and they actually own

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