Making Connections

After blogging in public (on this site) for 10 years, I’m switching things up with a weekly newsletter called Making Connections.

I describe it as a random walk through tech, fitness, product thinking, persuasion, nerd culture, and behavior change.

Each Saturday, I publish 3-5 ideas on a range of topics, often with a loosely connected theme, ranging between The blog post I published “On Protests and Movements” combined a number of ideas previously published in different editions of Making Connections.

Now with more emoji and drawings!

I’ve also written about using biological thinking in product management, the importance of rubber to the Industrial Revolution, and a leaked 2014 memo that Mark Zuckerberg wrote about the future of ads on FB Messenger.

The writing is more casual, less professional, kind of like that friend who always writes back with interesting ideas, even if they’re not fully formed.

It’s been a blast and people seem to really like it. I also link to new posts I publish on this blog or elsewhere so you’ll never miss a thing. I use a relatively new publishing platform called Substack, which makes it easy for me to send you new issues.

You can sign up in the form at the top of the page or by clicking here.