5C Storytelling Framework (Free Resource)

5C Storytelling Framework (Free Resource)

The 5C Storytelling Framework is a proven system developed by me, Jason Shen, for conveying your personal story in a clear, succinct, and compelling way.

This resource is a 22 page Google Slides template that you can copy and use to articulate your personal story for a job interview, startup pitch, dating conversation, and more.

The 5C's

The 5C's are the core elements of any compelling story. They are:

  1. Context—where, when, and how the story begins
  2. Character—who our protagonist (you!) is and why we should root for them
  3. Conflict—what does our hero want and what stands in their way
  4. Choices—decisions, actions, and consequences born by the protagonist in pursuit of their goal
  5. Change—the external outcomes, internal growth, and new beginnings of our hero

Get my 5C Storytelling Framework

You can access the latest version here: The 5C Storytelling Framework by Jason Shen Select File --> Make a Copy

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