212: Writing a book in 30 days


Never let a good deadline go to waste

📙 Nothing motivates me like a deadline—and 30 day deadlines are a sweet spot.

In the month of July, I'll be writing a new book—more visual, more broadly accessible than The Path to Pivot—and making videos along the way. See my first update on title ideas and the backstory (x.com)

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🎙️ Today's email is brought to you by a podcast I did on the Power of Connections podcast with Rich Woo about the career pivots, writing publicly, and being mentorable.

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🤫 Seriously though, deadlines are magic. Here's how to leverage their power for your startup, your habits, or your life. (jasonshen.com)

PS - What being completely dialed into your job looks like (tiktok.com)