211: "Good writing is the Grammarly fixes you ignore"


On good writing and good characters

Nat Eliason dropped all his other work commitments for two years to write Crypto Confidential.

His masterclass on how to become a greater narrative nonfiction writer is GOLD and full of uncommon wisdom and fresh ideas for anyone interested in books, communication, or storytelling. (nateliason.com)

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🤑 Today’s email is brought to you by my upcoming Interintellect salon with NYU professor Alison Taylor—IRL in NYC on July 1st—on her book about ethical leadership in capitalistic world

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🍿 As someone who loves reading and watching stories for THE PLOT, it pains me to inform you that what really matters is actually CHARACTER.

According to Netflix's director of creative investment, great characters with fascinating qualities, relatable motivations, and serious stakes is what keeps people hooked. (x.com)

PS - Sometimes a song just needs a really cute kitty to make it chef's kiss (tiktok.com)