209: Your Talents Will Not Be Appreciated By Everyone


On finding an audience for your work

🍄 To be an outlier is to be different. And different isn’t for everyone. I love mushrooms but lots of people hate ‘em—so whether in dating, career, or life…focus on finding the mushroom lovers.

I’ve linked to that segment of the interview but you’ll also want to jump to 26:50 for a great way to introduce your business in an appealing but also intriguing way (youtube.com)

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🎻 You may have heard the story of Joshua Bell, the violin virtuoso who played in a DC metro station as a busker and made a grand total of 32 bucks.

Here’s the back story and some philosophical musings about the importance of context and audience when it comes to appreciating beauty (or any great work). (washingtonpost.com)

PS - A gorgeous short comic about love in the year 2070 (x.com)