208: There is no penalty for asking


On going after what you really want

🙋‍♀️ One lesson that many of us learn far too late is that you often only need one person to say yes.

To the job. The date. The opportunity. One yes to make the whole thing worth it. How much do you want what you’re seeking? (x.com)

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🤑 Today’s email is brought to you by my upcoming book salon with NYU professor Alison Taylor—IRL in NYC on July 1st—on ethical leadership in capitalistic world

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🍔 Once you realize that asking for what you want actually works a lot of time, you’re confronted with the only other problem one can ever have—what is it that you actually want? Let me break this down. (youtube.com)

PS - This eagle knew what the crane would want and, well, here's happened next (x.com)