192: Getting to Exec (Mind Map)

192: Getting to Exec (Mind Map)


I made a map of a $599 leadership course taught by a 15 year Amazon veteran

This week's issue of Cultivating Resilience is brought to you by Discover Your Story with ChatGPT—an interactive workshop by Kristina Flynn and Jason Shen on March 21st

If you aren't familiar with Ethan Evans, he's a 15 year veteran at Amazon, who reached EVP (L10) and worked on Prime Video + Twitch post-acquisition. He now has a huge (95k) LinkedIn following due to his very candid and practical advice about how to advance into senior leadership inside an organization.

Amazon is known as one of the more competitive and politically driven Big Tech companies to work for, which makes his advice on navigating organizational dynamics extremely valuable.

As an executive coach, I am constantly trying to level up my own game and paid full price for his 4+ hour course called Breaking Through To Executive ($599). It's based on two-day training program he delivered live to a group of senior managers and just the first half alone is worth the price of admission for me.

(The second half is about the promotion process which I'm sure is great but haven't gotten into as it is personally less relevant for me as a coach)

Slides from the first part of the training ("what does great look like as an executive?")

Most of my clients are startup founders but I do coach a director and a C-level executive at larger organizations and this course was really helpful for me in understanding and providing guidance to some the challenges these clients face.

So today I wanted to share my mindmap from this course. It's a bit more dense than the How to Do Great Work one but hopefully even more valuable as a result.

If you found this helpful, definitely give Ethan Evans a follow on LinkedIn, buy the Breaking Through To Executive course, and check out his Level Up community where he will do live coaching sessions with directors / VP's that others can tune into.

Here's the Twitter version if you'd like to signal boost: https://twitter.com/JasonShen/status/1766901408345805176


PS - This is not a sponsored post—I'm just a fan and want to support his work.

PPS - I lied, the post IS sponsored. Not by Ethan Evans, but by the Discover Your Story with ChatGPT workshop I'll be cohosting March 21st

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