136: How Humans Still Trump AI

136: How Humans Still Trump AI


2023 is is a year Generative AI really comes for knowledge workers. Here are 10 enduring human traits that can help us stay ahead of the machines. 🧵

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Anyway, trying something new and sending this newsletter on a Friday instead of a Saturday since I realize a lot of folks subscribe with their work email. Let's see if it makes a difference on open rates!


🤔 Announcements

🧠 10 Human Qualities To Stay Ahead of AI

I've been thinking about this a lot ahead of my upcoming salon on Jan 18th (next week!). I've posted this list before but I wanted to elaborate on what each means to me.

1. Imperfection

2. Emotion

3. Intention

4. Opinion

Read the rest of the list on Twitter (I went public again b/c I like to link to tweets): Biography, Accountability, Fidelity, Presence, Identity.

👉 Recommendations

Legend: ⚡️ Courage / Risk-taking | 🤖 Generative AI | 🧠 ADHD | 🏋 Relatable fitness | ⚙️ Mental models / structured thinking | 📊 Business pivots | 👣 Life pivots | 🫶  Togetherness | 👁️ Creative Vision,

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