132: Twelve Ways to Practice Resilience After a Layoff

132: Twelve Ways to Practice Resilience After a Layoff


In my latest piece for on Every, I wrote about how people can use my resilience framework to better navigate the challenges of a layoff. It's been the most "hearted" piece in the series so far.

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I write to you today from the guest bedroom of an Airbnb with interesting animal themed decor:

  • three white turtle shells hang in a row from one wall
  • a half sized plastic ram mount appears across from the shells
  • thin metal protrude from the wall near the ram
  • and an abstract painting of horses hangs over the bench where I work, eliciting compliments from my coworkers.

Animals don't get laid off. They must fight to survive every day, but they don't have to read severance packages or reformat their resume so they can get through the keyword filter systems. These experiences belong solely to the human experience.

Today I'm sharing excerpts from my latest piece in Every—using my resilience framework to help people affected by a mass layoff or sudden unemployment. I hope it can be a resource for you or someone you know who's been affected.


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🧠 You Got Laid Off, Now What? (Every Excerpt)

In my latest piece for my Rethinking Resilience series on Every, I wrote about how people can use my resilience framework to better navigate the challenges of a layoff. It's been the most "hearted" piece in the series so far. [link]

Along the way, I share some of my own layoff experiences at Etsy, Percolate, and Meta. There's no shortcuts or hacks, but it's won some kind words from others on the web.

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Resilience After a Layoff

Here's the framework in a nutshell (click to enlarge)

The biggest takeaway is not to jump right away into job applications. You've just gone through one of life's top 5 stressors (right up there with divorce, the death of a loved one, serious illness/injury, and moving) so put that initial energy into making sure you're financial stable and secure.

Take time to grieve the loss—being in your feelings is a part of the process and helps you clear your mind so you can make better decisions. Be open to new possibilities and try to see this as an inflection point in your journey towards something better.

The 12 practical steps you can take:

1) Respond—Take decisive action and try to mitigate harm.

  • Understand your severance package
  • Make a 6-month financial plan
  • Consider cutting housing costs

2) Restore—Connect to your community

  • Take time to grieve
  • Make specific requests for help from your network
  • Lend a hand to others

3) Rebuild—Take steps in a new direction.

  • Invest in education and creation
  • Build a structured daily routine (don't sleep in every day!)
  • Be open to new career possibilities

4) Reflect—Look back on your journey to find new insights

  • Document your achievements and lessons learned
  • Consider what matters most to you now for your career
  • Write a 6, 12, and 24 month vision

For all the stories and details on how to put this into practice, peep the link below:

You Got Laid Off. Now What?
How to act with resilience when you’ve been let go

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