129: Layoffs at Meta

129: Layoffs at Meta


Featuring 2 🎬 's with thoughts from me before and after the layoffs went down.

Cultivating Resilience is about how to rebound from setbacks and reinvent the future. It's published by Jason Shen, a resilience coach, product manager, and 3x startup founder.

🧠 2 Reaction Videos: Layoffs

As promised, I have two videos about the layoffs at Meta which happened November 9, 2022. The first was shot on the Sunday before the layoffs, right after I saw the WSJ rumors published. The second was shot in the weekend after the layoffs happened.

When the WSJ Reports Your Company is Doing Layoffs

I go over my immediate reaction to the possibility of layoffs, mention my experience with Etsy's 2017 mass layoffs, and share my predictions for who will be impacted and how. Plus a bit about Elon ofc. This one's in the Pushup & Ponder style.

When Half Your Team is Laid Off

So my core prediction for who would be impacted was pretty off the mark, and I use this video to talk about how things went down, my range of emotional responses, and where my head's at now. This one a bit more sober, no pushups.

As always, curious to know your thoughts on video and on the tech layoffs happening across the industry.

Were you affected? Do you know someone who was? How are you thinking about your future now?

🖼 Proclamation of Thanksgiving

Turns out Lincoln gave us many things—beyond the Proclamation of Emancipation of Jan 1 1863, there was another one later that year that made the last Thursday of November a national Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer.

👉 Worth Checking Out

  1. A great discussion on Hacker News about whether ADHD is a superpower or a disability or perhaps "like Cyclops in the X-Men"
  2. Shreyas Doshi crowdsourced a list of leading indicators that a company is going to do layoffs in the next few months like "travel freeze"
  3. A gripping Tiktok that explains how a South Carolina Congressman attacking a Massachusetts Senator as "the moment the country was pushed to Civil War"

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