126: 🎬 Push-Up & Ponder

126: 🎬 Push-Up & Ponder


🎬 Why Being a Jack of All Trades Isn't Bad 🎬 Why You Shouldn't Fear Rejection 🎬 Why Founders Need Conviction

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πŸ€” What do you want to see videos on?

As the future of Twitter hangs in the balance (here's how the layoffs went down), I'll probably want to spend more time on other platforms. Of course this newsletter is one of my favorite places to share ideas and connect with people, and probably in second is making videos on Youtube.

Youtube recently introduced handles and I snagged @coachjason. As I brainstorm new topics to explore, I thought I'd get your feedback. Which of the following ideas would you want to see me do a Push-Up and Ponder video on?

  • The power of mental visualization for enhancing performance
  • Why tutoring / 1:1 training is so effective
  • Focus on your strengths vs fix your weaknessesβ€”which is right?
  • On Regret: Lessons from Dan Pink + The Midnight Library
  • Something else?

🎬 Push-Up & Ponder

As generative AI gets better and takes over both text and image generation, I feel like video is one of the few places left where the uncanny valley will take a while to overcome.

Humans are really dialed into assessing other humans.

And since everyone's gotta have a gimmick to get attention, I started a series called Push-Up & Ponder where I explore bite-sized questions and ideas while doing push-ups and planks.

Let me know what you think!

1. Why Being a Jack of All Trades Isn't Bad

In which I explore an extended edition of the famous quote and explain the concept of "match quality".

2. Why You Shouldn't Fear Rejection

In which I relay my highly cringe personal challenge of getting rejected everyday for a month and what it taught me.

3. Why Founders Need Conviction

My first video (where I tried out a different, longer name and some more awkward exercises) and talked about the importance of believing in your ideas.

πŸ‘‰ Check it out

Yishan Wong is the former CEO of Reddit and did stints at FB and PayPal. He's now running a climate startup but more importantly, he has a long but great thread on why most therapists suck (but the ones that are actually good can change your life)

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