100: Triple Digits

100: Triple Digits


Celebrating our two year anniversary with a video recap on the journey so far and a personal update from Jason.

Hey friends. It's been a few weeks and I wanted to record a quick video for today's 100th edition of Cultivating Resilience.

When I started this newsletter, two years ago, I thought "I'm going to put three zeros on this thing because I want to get to at least 100, triple digits".

It seemed really far away at the time, but here we are.

I originally had this big idea for what I was going to do for the 100th edition, where I was going to do an excerpt from every single issue from the last two years. But that project took a while to get going and in two weeks, I only got two 50 of the issues, so I realized I was going to have to change tactics. And that's why I'm recording this video.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine, Clarice, and she asked me why I write so much and how long it takes. And I told her, it takes me realistically about four to five hours every week to get one of these issues out.

And the reason I do it is to force myself, to have a practice, to dedicate myself, to continuously looking for information, contextualizing it, sharing it,  adding my own opinions and judgment onto it. And being able to find my own words to express it, and  I have to recommend this practice to anyone who is interested in delving deeper into a topic.

If you want to learn how to do something, if you want to get yourself more into something, commit to a weekly newsletter or practice.

I feel like the past few weeks have really been a turning point in my journey as a resilience researcher, practitioner, facilitator, coach. I did a three hour workshop for the good folks atthe Cornell School of Business's marketing team around hybrid work and resilience.

Photo Credit: Ming DeMers

I had a breakthrough coaching session with one of my clients where they were making a serious, consideration to  radically change their career in an exciting new direction. I had a number of coaching inquiry conversations and we'll see where those go, but it just felt good to expand the universe of people that I might be potentially working with.  I'm doing facilitation for resilience at work. And of course I'm also, navigating some change myself. I may be changing teams in the upcoming, period of time at work. So a lot of change happening at this 100 year mark.

In the workshop at Cornell. I asked this question, change is blank. Fill in the blanks.

I invite all the potential answers people might have. Change is hard or scary, change is exciting or fun. Change is growth or evolution or improvement. Change is constant or inevitable.

And the truth is changes all of those things. In the first year was actually called Making Connections. And then I change it the one year mark to Cultivating Resilience. I don't think I'm changing my newsletter name again.

We're going to stick to cultivating resilience. You should follow me on Tik Tok @resiliencerules if you're on Tik Tok.

And yeah, this is a meaningful milestone.  It is an honor and a privilege to have some share of your inbox.

And I do my best to share things that are meaningful that will build your sense of resilience and help you grow as a leader. So thank you for joining me on this journey to triple digits. We did it. We've made it, and I am very interested to see what comes next. Talk to you soon.