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Over the past few years, I’ve had a chance to speak at some great organizations, from keynote speeches, to all-day workshops, to lightning talks. I love connecting with people who are excited to learn something new, and my talks always involve audience interaction and leave people with big ideas and something they can go home and use the next day.

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Winner Take All: How Individuals and Teams Win in a Hypercompetitive World

Our fast paced and always-on global economy offers incredible rewards and benefits for being number one. But getting — and staying on top — has never been harder. And yet there are incredible examples of underdogs who beat the odds and win against extraordinary competition. We’ll look at the strategies and tactics of top performing individuals and teams do to deliver exceptional performance and lead the field.

What’s Your Big Idea? 14 Compelling Pitch Archetypes for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Making the case for your big innovative idea isn’t easy. Whether it is to your team, your boss, or an investor, the right pitch can make or break a proposal. Too often, would-be innovators draw from a tired line of thinking, when they should instead be exploring specific archetypes, like “Dream Team”, “The Pivot / Offshoot” or “Back from the Future” to best captivate your audience and make your case in the strongest possible way.

Set Yourself on Fire: Lessons Learned from a YC Founder

Jason’s first startup, Ridejoy, was accepted into the elite Y Combinator program and featured in a book by NYTimes best-selling author Randall Strauss. Jason and his cofounders raised $1.3M in venture funding, built a nationwide network of tens of thousands of ridesharing drivers and passengers, released a highly-regarded mobile app, and competed a field that spawned Lyft and Ube. Despite their best efforts, the Ridejoy team was unable to realize their ambitions to make long-distance rideshare accessible to everyone, and the company folded. Jason and his cofounders actually returned unspent capital back to their investors. In this talk, we look at some of the key lessons learned in the rise and fall of a first-time entrepreneur.


“As a follower and fan of Jason’s work, I was confident he could put together a powerful message for our PR group, despite the fact that public relations wasn’t precisely his field. I could not have predicted or been more pleased with the outstanding results. The work that Jason put into preparing his presentation, into researching our experiences and expectations, was far beyond that of our “typical” presenters. Rather than delivering a canned speech pulled from an existing repertoire, Jason went out of his way to customize a message that was germane, engaging, and fresh. I could not have predicted or been more pleased with the outstanding results.”Robyn Bridges, Public Relations Council of Alabama

“Less than a minute into the presentation any hesitation I’d felt was gone. Jason commands the room – he’s a fantastic storyteller and immediately gets everyone engaged. He outlined 12 different types of pitches, going into detail on what makes each pitch effective. He then had our startups pick a pitch that resonated with them and present on the spot. He gave insightful, actionable feedback after each.

We refer to his deck and presentation constantly and he was the highest rated speaker in our program. Hiring Jason is a no brainer.”Brian Scortado, Tacklebox Accelerator

“Jason’s workshop on blog writing was one of the most productive we have ever held. He packed a startling amount of practical advice (and humor) into two hours, and his advice reflected extensive preparation and understanding of our business and our audience.”Paul R. Constance, Inter-American Development Bank

“It was terrific having Jason in to speak to our enterprise community at our Work-Bench Workshop. Jason did a fantastic job of not only sharing the tactical secret sauce behind Percolate’s marketing success – but also the greater story and vision, which is just as critical (if not most important of all) to the success of anyone building out a marketing engine.”Jessica Lin, work-bench

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