Here at The Art of Ass-Kicking, I’m always trying to find better ways to help people make more of themselves and their work.

Usually this is through writing blog posts backed by research & personal experience, but sometimes I encounter great resources in other places or in other forms that I thought it’d be worth creating this page. Some of these resources are mine, other ones are done by smart folks I respect.

Hope you find it valuable!


How to Become Unstoppable

I’m working on a tactical guide that’s all about how to free yourself from the forces of mediocrity and overcome whatever is holding you back from being extraordinary.
Get Unstoppable here.

7 Unorthodox Strategies for Winning

Everyone wants to win. Not everyone knows how. Here are seven approaches that your competition won’t consider – use them to help reach your next victory.
Download the Unorthodox Strategies here.

What’s Next: 25 Big Ideas From Gen-Yers Under 25

Showcasing 25 bright young voices all around the world from entrepreneurs to fashion designers on how they are shaping tomorrow, today.
Read What’s Next here.

Success-Driven Philosophy: Finding Clarity of Purpose and Achieving Arete

A ChangeThis manifesto that provides readers with a toolkit and guide to facilitate a philosophical examination of what you truly believe and why you believe it.
Check out Success-Driven Philosophy here.

A Guide to Life for Asian American Teens

In 2007 my Dad asked me to write something to share in the Parenting class he taught at our local Chinese-Language school. I think the 2 page bulleted list has held up pretty well over time and actually isn’t that age / race specific.
Study A Guide to Life for Asian American Teens.


  • Hacker News – social news site on technology, startups and general hacker culture
  • Seth Godin’s Blog – thought leader in marketing, publishing,
  • xkcd – a wonderfully quirky and fun webcomic for nerds
  • Paul Graham’s essays – insightful wisdom on a range of topics from startups to painting
  • Quora – well-written answers to just about any question you could think of
  • Sebastian Marshall – thoughts on strategy, philosophy, travel, self-discipline & victory
  • TED Talks – inspiring / thought-provoking videos from smart people who lead their fields
  • Both Sides of the Table – firey words from Marc Suster, who’s done two startups and now funds them
  • Ben Horowitz – rap lyrics and tough lessons from a VC and former founder/ceo of a billion dollar company


  • Hitenism – quick, bite-sized insights from Hiten Shah, a serial entrepreneur
  • Startup Digest – the most important startup events, on one weekly email
  • fear.less – a beautifully designed magazine featuring stories of people overcoming their fears


So for a while I offered a service called “Kick Ass Coaching” where I would work one on one with readers on tackling their biggest challenges. It was a great opportunity to help put into practice what I talk about here on my blog and I really enjoyed doing it. I learned a lot and plan to write about it at some point. Given how time consuming my work has been in starting a startup, I’m discontinuing this service for now.

If you desperately need my help in this area for some reason – you can always reach me at jasonyshen(at)gmail(dot)com.