Hi, I’m Jason. I’m a product manager at Percolate — an enterprise marketing software company.

I enjoy writing/speaking, working out, and doing interesting projects with smart people. I hold bachelors and masters degrees from Stanford and spent nearly a decade in Silicon Valley before moving to NYC in 2014 (with a short stint in DC in between).

About the Art of Ass-Kicking

I started this blog in 2010 as a way to document my experiences working at a startup. Since then, I’ve written 300+ posts about everything from my time as a gymnast, to great books I’ve read, to advice on a career in technology, lessons on doing startups, to frameworks for thinking, to a variety of personal challenges, thought-provoking quotes, and even personal failures.

The Art of Ass-Kicking has appeared in Vanity Fair, Mixergy, American Public Media’s Marketplace, Lifehacker, and Outside Magazine. Mashable once put me in a dubiously-researched list of “The Fittest People in Tech“. More importantly, it has allowed me to connect with interesting people from all across the globe and it’s an effort I find deeply fulfilling.

Stuff I’ve Done

I have a pretty diverse set of interests and experiences, so here’s just a quick look into those. Have a more typical paragraph length bio on hand if you need one.

Some of my most popular posts

Speaking / Consulting

Beyond this blog, I enjoy finding ways to work with great organizations to share ideas, train teams, and build interesting things. Here are some of the places I’ve spoken or consulted with:

  • Google
  • Failcon
  • InterAmerican Development Bank
  • Ignite SF
  • Perfect Audience (Marin Software)
  • George Mason University
  • Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center


I love meeting new people —  reach me at @jasonshen or jasonyshen at the Google mail.


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