Hey, I’m Jason Shen. Since 2010, I’ve been writing here at the Art of Ass-Kicking about building products and companies, competing in sports and business, and fostering a more equitable world. Here’s a my bio:


Jason is a product manager at Etsy and a partner of a online side project bootcamp called Ship Your Side Project. He is the creator of the Asian American Man Study, which has been cited by NBC’s Asian America and The Atlantic. He served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow under President Obama and co-founded a Y Combinator startup called Ridejoy, which built a nationwide city-to-city ridesharing network.

Jason’s writing has appeared in Fast Company, Quartz, and Lifehacker, he has been quoted in The New York Times, National Journal, Outside Magazine, as well as NPR’s Marketplace, and he has been a speaker at Google, Work-Bench, Auburn University, and FailCon.

Jason received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University, where he was captain of an NCAA championship-winning gymnastics team and wrote his honors thesis on the ethical allocation of liver transplants. He ran the San Francisco Marathon, holds a Guinness world record in Aztec push-ups, and was named as one of the fittest people in tech by Mashable and Men’s Fitness.

A first-generation Chinese immigrant, Jason grew up in the suburbs of Boston and spent nearly a decade in Silicon Valley before making his home in New York City.

Note: while I care deeply about and believe in the things covered in this blog, they represent my personal views and not the views of any current or past employers.

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