Hey, I’m Jason. I make interesting and sometimes useful things, mostly on the internet.

I work as a product manager at Etsy on the Seller Experience team, where I build features and improve the experience for 1.5M sellers around the world. Prior to this, I was a marketer and product manager at Percolate, a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House / Smithsonian, and a cofounder of Ridejoy, a YC-backed community marketplace for long-distance rideshare.

After growing up in the suburbs of Boston, I spent nearly decade in Silicon Valley before finding my way to NYC. These days I park my butt in Brooklyn.

Note: this site represents my personal views and not that of my employer

About The Art of Ass-Kicking

This is a blog about business, technology, and behavior change.

I started it in 2010 as a way to document my experiences working at a startup. Since then, I’ve written 300+ posts about everything from my time as a gymnast, to great books I’ve read, to advice on a career in technology, lessons on doing startups, to frameworks for thinking, to a variety of personal challenges, thought-provoking quotes, and even personal failures.

The Art of Ass-Kicking has appeared in Vanity Fair, Mixergy, American Public Media’s Marketplace, Lifehacker, and Outside Magazine. I was named one of the “fittest people in tech” by Mashable and Men’s Fitness.  More importantly, it has allowed me to connect with interesting people from all across the globe and it’s an effort I find deeply fulfilling.

Stuff I’ve worked on

Speaking / Training

Beyond this blog, I enjoy finding ways to work with great organizations to share ideas, train teams, and build interesting things. Learn more about my speaking work here.

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I love meeting new people —  reach me at @jasonshen or jasonyshen at the Google mail.


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