Hi—I’m Jason Shen.

I am a first-generation Chinese-American and lived in Silicon Valley for nearly a decade before moving to New York City.

I co-founded of Headlight, a performance hiring platform that helps find, screen, and recruit talent.  I also advocate on behalf of Asian Americans men, through the Asian American Man Study and serve on the board of directors for the Presidential Innovation Fellowship Foundation (PIFF).

Since 2010, The Art of Ass-Kicking has served as my personal blog where I break down how people and organizations gain the competitive advantage.

I have written for Fast Company and Quartz, been quoted in The New York Times and The Atlantic, and spoken at Google, Pinterest, and the TED Residency. Learn more about my speaking work here.

Popular posts

I’ve written over 300 posts on this blog, so there’s a lot to go through, but here some of my most-read pieces:

Note: the writing on this site represent my personal views and not the views of any current or past employers.


Full Bio

I was most recently part of the TED residency, a competitive program held twice a year at TED’s headquarters in SoHo where I worked on The Talent Playbook. Before that, I was a product manager at Etsy, where I focused on building products that served our creative entrepreneurs through our seller-facing mobile apps. I served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow under President Obama and co-founded a Y Combinator-backed startup called Ridejoy, which helped tens of thousands of people share long-distance rides across the US and Canada.

I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biology from Stanford University, where I was captain of the NCAA championship-winning gymnastics team in 2009. I continue to pursue physical fitness: I ran the San Francisco Marathon in 2012, set the Guinness world record in Aztec push-ups in 2015, and was named as one of the fittest people in tech by Mashable and Men’s Fitness.

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