Photo by Martin Reisch on Unsplash

About a week ago I celebrated a major milestone and turned *gasp* 30. Over the last few years, I’ve kept very careful track of how much time I had left until thirty, which was the age I thought I needed to have “made it”. In retrospect, the anxiety was unwarranted and thankfully in my old(er) age, I’ve gained the wisdom to see that.

Yes, in getting older, I’ve lost some naïveté, I look a bit more before I leap, and I get hangovers. But I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for building new things, and my body has held up surprisingly well. With age, I now have a series of rich mental models to run ideas through and long-standing friendships and professional relationships to draw on.

Perhaps most unexpectedly, I also have an awesome platform and community to share ideas and launch projects — which is this blog.

So for my birthday, I just want to thank anyone who’s read, shared, commented, or tried something different because of The Art of Ass-Kicking. I write for me, but I write for you, too.

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