Making Innovation Work: A New Podcast

Having a strong coworker relationship is very satisfying. You get to develop novel solutions to tricky problems, discuss new ideas, and share your successes with someone you like and respect.

But what happens when you leave the job? How do you preserve the magic?

That’s the question Sarah Allen and I were faced with when we completed our six-month fellowship at the Smithsonian. She was headed back to San Francisco; I was moving to New York City. We were excited for our next adventure but sad we couldn’t keep collaborating.

So we decided to start a new project together. We kicked around some ideas and ultimately settled on a talk show.

We’re calling the Tectonic Podcast.


The tagline is making innovation work in business, software, and life.

You get to listen in on Sarah, an experienced software engineer and entrepreneur who’s lived through the dot com bubble, and me, a blogger and YC founder who spent 10 years as a gymnast. We share a lot of interests but come at issues from totally different angles. It’s a little technical, a little inspirational, and a little irreverent.

Our most recent episode is on the Top Tech Trends of 2013, which include open data, flat design, wearables, coding goes mainstream and more. I thought it was a great show and you can check it out here.

Before that, we also had an episode on the value of blogging, and on API’s and hackathons.

So subscribe to new episodes or follow @TectonicPodcast as we cover lots of fascinating ideas in our new show!

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