13.1: Finishing My First Half Marathon

[alert style=”green”]Race: Brazen Racing Coyote Hills Half Marathon
Distance: 13.1 Miles
Date: Saturday, January 29th 2012
Notes: First half marathon – very happy overall. Pushed through some blistering and tendonitis on the side of my right foot. Great views. [/alert]

Last weekend I ran my first half marathon! Woot. Here’s how it went:


After my 10k’s at Stanford and Eugene, I backed off a little bit, then started pushing my long runs again, getting to 9.2 miles before winter break. I did my best to stay in shape over the holidays and ran a bit in the chilly New England weather.

I’ve basically had a rough pattern of doing a threshold/faster run of 2.5 to 3 miles during the week (usually on treadmill) and a longer slower run on the weekend (to train farther distances). In between that I do elliptical/bike workouts, interval training, body weight workouts and at least one heavy lifting day (deadlift, bench and squat/leg press/pullups)

I was pleased to complete a 9.8 mile run the week after getting back to San Francisco and planned to do one more big run two weeks before the half. However, that run got cut short by some GI issues and I stopped at 8 miles.

Pre-race troubleshooting

That wasn’t so bad, except that then my foot started bothering me the next day. There was some soreness on the side of my right foot that got more painful as the day went on. By Sunday night (36 hours after the 8 miler) I was hurting pretty bad just walking around.

The pain didn’t go away with ice and ibprofen. After some googling, I figured it was either a stress fracture (BAD!) or an inflamed tendon on the side of my foot. Since I didn’t want to take any chances, I went to see a podiatrist. At this point I figured I was not running the half.

The diagnosis was – “It might be a stress fracture, but it’s more likely tendonitis. Tape your foot up, ice and see how you feel in a few days”. That weekend I tried to say off my feet. Early next week, I was starting to feel pretty good.

Doc says it might be ok to do the race, knowing that I really want to, but first try running a few miles. So I did. Unfortunately the taped up foot and lack of running meant I started feeling hot spots just a mile in. I wasn’t feeling much pain so I bailed on the extra miles, deciding that I knew enough about my foot status to go for it.

The race itself

The race took place in a regional park in Fremont, CA (East Bay). It was a nice day, a little chilly, but by the time the race started, t-shirt and shorts were fine. The route was a big loop plus an out and back.

I was a little nervous. Not only was my foot just getting better but I was worried about getting blisters early in the race. Additionally, I had felt a little sick in the days leading up to the race and didn’t really do of anything activity-wise. But as I’ve heard – better to go into a race under trained than over trained. And I was definitely the latter.

MILES 1 – 6

The race started off well. I tried to get into a good rhythm. They had aid stations set up nicely which was great, and my track selection “Swedish House Mafia 2010 Creamfield Extended Mix” really helped. What was NOT nice was that the Vibram Bikila’s did not do a good job protect me on some of the more gravely areas. Definitely took some pebbles to the foot. But was able to push through.

The first loop went pretty well all things considered. But remember, I had never actually run more than 10 miles so today I was going 30% farther than my max distance. The first loop was a lot of me going – Ok, I feel pretty good now, but can I run what I just ran X more times???

MILES 7 – 9

One thought I kept trying to re-iterate was this: when you think you really can’t go anymore, you’ve got about half left in the tank. This is actually going to be the basis of a whole future blog post but anyway, the point is that I had to keep reminding myself this was something I could complete.

It’s also true that the 2nd time around things go by a little bit faster. But around mile 8 I was starting to drag a little. I lived moment to moment for the next announcement from Runkeeper that I’d gone another half mile. At one point I was starting to run with my eyes closed, until I realized I was going to run off a cliff.

MILES 10 – 12

Around mile 10, I reached an aid station and and ate an energy gel which helped perk me up (though it left my hands pretty sticky). Also, I just read an article on energy gels and apparently half of the effect is just in perking up your brain. Interesting.

Once I got to mile 11 I knew I was almost there. I started to pick up the pace.

Mile 12 came around quick. I had been walking for bit every mile and pushed myself to run the last 2 miles

The loop ends on a pretty brutal hill so that was pretty rough to keep jogging – and there’s also a crazy downhill section with a lot of rocks. I almost crashed sprinting to the finish but luckily I stayed on my feet. Didn’t even really feel out of breath at the end of the race like I usually do – but perhaps the longer distance just affected my body in a different way.


After the race I just felt really drained. Not panting but just tired. I sat down for a while and felt a little better. Then I felt A LOT better when I saw what they had for snacks/post race food.

Ice cream sandwiches from Ikes, Apple Pie with whipped cream and other amazing foods. I made myself sick with all of it – and it was glorious.


I ran a 2:09.09 (chip time) 2:09:31 (gun time). The average pace was 9:52 but really I was around 9:30 for the first half, and got slower and slower in the 2nd half til I was probably running 10:30s or something.

That put me at 197 for the race (out of 347 racers) and 18th out of 25 males ages 25-29. I’m below the median – but that means there’s more room to go up!

Ultimately, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I had some massive blisters on my foot, my tendonitis was flaring up a little bit, but otherwise I made it out alive. My calves have been sore for the past few days but that’s to be accepted. My knee is doing great.

Runkeeper data (it’s a little whack)

Next Race

My next race is going to be a little different: a trialthon! I’m doing the Stanford Treeathlon – a spring distance tri on Feb 25th 2012. I did my first swim workout a few days ago and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Any triathlon readers out there? Would love to hear training advice!

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  1. Hey Jason,Congrats on your first half marathon. Glad you pulled through that. How is your foot feeling now? You gave me high school memories with this post because when I was on my cross country team we went to coyote hills a few times each year to train. Amazing area for running, crazy elevation changes too.

    • @30vanquish Thanks Matt. Yeah, the Coyote Hills location was beautiful and seemed like a great place to train. Didn’t know you ran XC!

  2. Loved the apple pie and ice cream sandwich picture. I used FirstTimeTriathlon iPhone app and thought it useful for its workout schedules. It might be useful to practice your transitions at least once and drive through the bike course to get a feel for how long it is. Other than that, have fun with it and know that you’re kicking ass!

    • @philosopher20 Thanks Tony! I’m going to head down to the course next weekend and see what the deal is. Will do a great write up when I’m done!

  3. @JasonShen loved reading about your first half!! Great job. @Hup and I want to cheer u on at the tri!

  4. CONGRATS!!! way to go, and even further because of how much you’ve overcome and worked to get just to the starting line! :) I’m very happy to have found ur site and that you’re back out there kicking butt! :) best of luck in ur next races and keep the momentum rolling! :)

    PS- ice cream sandwiches are ALWAYS a reason to get to the finish line as fast as possible ;)

    • @caitlinchock Thanks Cait! Will keep pushing toward the next thing. And yes – I’m living that rule you gave me: run hard, eat hard!

  5. Just found your blog! I a running my first half on sunday and as of my last practice run this past sunday I developed either tendonitis or planta fascitis or both! Did the tape and boot for 48hrs and now I’m trying the orthotic insterts in my tennis shoes for the next two days! Your last run with tendonitis is inspiring. I am really hoping to be ready by sunday! feeling much better but certainly not 100%.


    • @JeanineFuentesBedell Hey Jeanine – thanks for posting! Good luck with your half marathon. I’m not a doctor but I’d be wary of too much foot “gear”. My understanding is that less is more but you should do your own research!

  6. Just found your blog! I a running my first half on sunday and as of my last practice run this past sunday I developed either tendonitis or planta fascitis or both! Did the tape and boot for 48hrs and now I’m trying the orthotic insterts in my tennis shoes for the next two days! Your last run with tendonitis is inspiring. I am really hoping to be ready by sunday! feeling much better but certainly not 100%.


  7. Definitely work on the swimming. You can be fine on the run and cycle but you can lose so much time if your swimming is weak. I actually had swim lessons which I found to be incredibly helpful.

  8. According to me that Racing is interesting. My Friend is doctor and he was telling me that these are many types of medicines which can decrease the legs pains.

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