Steve Newcomb on Building a Cult

If you are a founder of a startup, then burn the following info into your head:

Having a good team, or even an excellent team isn’t enough – you need to build a “cult.” And by “cult” what I mean is a group of super high quality people who trust each other and have similar ways of thinking, learning, reacting, problem-solving and working together.

Further, this team needs to bond together under a leader they trust and respect.  They must not be afraid of any type of challenge; they must be willing to walk through fire when their leader asks them; and they must believe they deserve to be the ones that will change the world.

Do this and you and your team can handle anything.  Don’t, and you’ll be heading to the dead pool.

– Steve Newcomb, cofounder of Powerset (acquired by Microsoft for $100M in 2008) as quoted from his blog: “Cult Creation“.

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