Command Your Body to Perform No Matter What Kind of Pain [quote]

I am here to tell you that you can command your body to perform no matter what kind of pain you are in. It takes desire, determination, and the willingness to push yourself to your limits in order to succeed. … It’s a matter of how much you want it. If you don’t have the desire then the pain will be your main focus and you will give in to it and never experience those second, third and fourth lives. If finishing is what you are concentrating on than I can guarantee you that you will overcome.

“How to Run 100 Miles” – (Dave Bursler)

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Jason Shen

Jason is a tech entrepreneur and talent expert. He is CEO of a performance hiring platform called Headlight, a Fast Company contributor, and an advocate for Asian American men. Follow him on Twitter at @jasonshen and subscribe to his private newsletter.

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    • @droope123 For sure. I remember having a teammate who could block out all kinds of pain. His favorite was revisualizing pain in his foot/shoulder/whatever as “just signals from my brain”. As all pain resides first and foremost in your mind.

    • @hideh I love this article and totally believe it! You can always push out more than you think. Your mind is the only thing holding you back!

  1. Thanks for sharing that Article. I am happy when reading your website with updated information! thanks a lot and hope that you will post more site that are related to this site.

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