Arrived at the Disney Resort for an NCAA Leadership Conference. Expectations are low, let’s see if they can deliver something valuable…

Found an article through Bnet – a semi-legit portal for articles on business, entrepreneurship, strategy, careers and more.

This one is from the journal Liberal Education, and it talks about how entrepreneurial thinking and liberal education often overlap and how we should seek to tie them more closely together. An excerpt:

” First, I would describe those with an entrepreneurial mindset as individuals who can extend their knowledge to recognize opportunities where others don’t. These individuals don’t think in conventional, linear terms; instead, they excel in thinking at higher levels of complexity. They are constant learners who continually challenge assumptions. Starting from a strong foundation of knowledge, they are able to determine key facts and separate the important from the trivial.

But they don’t stop at merely recognizing an opportunity; they also seize it, act upon it, and marshal the necessary resources to successfully execute the opportunity as a holistic plan. In other words, these individuals not only sense and define a particular need; they energize others and assemble a team that can create a solution for that need. They create value in any institution, whether it’s a commercial enterprise, a nonprofit organization, or a higher education institution.”

The 7 traits of liberally educated and entrepreneurially informed students are:

  1. They challenge conventional thinking
  2. They see connections where others don’t
  3. They understand the value of the team
  4. They focus on the larger goal
  5. They learn from setbacks
  6. They develop and appreciate a sense of self
  7. They communicate effectively

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Liberal education and the entrepreneurial mindset: a twenty-first-century approach | Liberal Education