The world will try to beat you into mediocrity.

Here’s how you fight back and win.


Winning Isn't Normal

#1 Amazon Bestseller for [Gymnastics]#4 Amazon Bestseller for [Entrepreneurship – Kindle]

Winning Isn’t Normal is a training experience by Jason Shen, a tech entrepreneur and Stanford champion gymnast, designed to turbo-charge your mind, body, and work. Highlights include:

  • What a decade-long study on co’s like Apple, Intel & Genentech tells us about getting huge in a chaotic world
  • How elite athletes train to learn new skills and deliver peak performances
  • What cutting-edge psychology research tells us about willpower and habit formation
  • Why purposely getting rejected can lead to unexpected success
  • Why cold showers make you a stronger and healthier person
  • What you can do to win the respect of your peers and get buy-in on your big ideas

Life is tough. Winning isn’t normal. Grab this game plan and start playing for keeps.

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About Jason

Jason ShenJason is cofounder of Ridejoy, a Y Combinator backed ridesharing startup and topped Mashable’s “Fittest People in Tech” list. In 2013, the White House selected Shen to serve as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The SF Chronicle, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, and Outside Magazine.

Shen holds a BS & MS in biology from Stanford University, where he was captain of the Stanford Men’s Gymnastics championship-winning team. He loves piping hot coffee, typography posters, & testing his limits.

About Winning Isn’t Normal

Drawing from experiences as a tech entrepreneur and elite athlete, Shen has built a loyal following on his blog The Art of Ass-Kicking. With his unique blend of intense personal stories, empirical & research backed insights, plus a little cheek, Winning Isn’t Normal is a training plan for your mind, body and work. In a nearly 50,000 word volume, Shen shows us how to become a higher performing individual.

Selected articles:

30 Days of Rejection
How to Be Relentlessly Resourceful
A New Habit Can Change Your Life
Gymnastics Lessons: How to Perform Under Pressure
Developing Willpower
Taking Cold Showers
What Helps You Grow Stronger?
How I Blew Out My Knee and Came Back to Win a National Championship
What I Learned from My First (Blunder-Filled) Marathon
Why I Run
Prolific, Not Perfect
How Blogging Can Increase Your Luck Surface Area
Eleven Compelling Startup Pitch Archetypes
13 Strategies for Getting Your Way
The Anatomy of a Great Email Introduction

What People Are Saying

What follows in this book is the counsel of a man who has achieved champion status across diverse fields. He has developed his will, his control, his understanding, his charisma, and a mastery and vivacity of life in general.

You have a wonderful book here. I wish I had it 10 years ago. Answers are in here. Use them. Dissolve your stories, break your ego to the good you can do for the world, for your life, and your family. And then – ascend. And thrive.

sebastian marshall
Sebastian Marshall
Author of IKIGAI and Executive Director of CPNC/GiveGetWin

In a sea of advice about professional development, Winning Isn’t Normal is a rarity. Jason goes beyond the “what” and “why” that most experts mention. He actually teaches the “how.” He distills lessons in an analytical way to share sharp insider tips on optimizing everything from writing more effective emails to being more persuasive in group settings.

The book is honest, conversational, and encouraging. Jason has experienced success and failure, and he’s not afraid to open up and share both the glorious and painful details of what he’s learned along the way. If you’ve ever wondered about the inner workings of an A-player, here’s a book that will show you.

Winnie Kao
Winnie Kao
Marketing Manager at Flite,

It’s easy to look at winners and dismiss their accomplishments as the result of privilege, fortune, genetics, or work so hard that its suffering seems unbearable. Jason Shen–and the tactics he reveals in Winning Isn’t Normal–is a living example that the right habits, planning, and training can lead to success in almost any endeavor at extremely high levels of performance. If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers or Robert Greene’s Mastery, then you’ll love Winning Isn’t Normal.

Ted Gonder
Co-Founder and Executive Director of MoneyThink

I’ve been following Jason’s blog for several years, gaining valuable insights from his clear writing and inspiring stories. This book is packed with research-backed strategies for increasing willpower, winning over others and developing powerful habits. Whether you are an entrepreneur, product manager, or just someone who wants to improve their life, you need to read Winning Isn’t Normal.

Nir Eyal
Nir Eyal
Two-time entrepreneur, Nir and Far

Winning Isn’t Normal is a hurricane of incredibly actionable and insightful information. Regardless of where you are trying to step up your performance and what you’ve accomplished up to this point, you’re going to find gems in this book that will help you get there faster. I highly recommend this raw and uncut testimony to anyone looking to get more out of life.

Nir Eyal
Scott Briton
Business Development Trainer, Life-Long Learner


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