So, it’s February 1st – which means I need to see how I’ve done with my monthly fitness challenge. The focus on January was as many sit-ups as possible in one minute.


As I mentioned before, sit-ups aren’t actually a great ab workout in themselves. They use the hip flexors and only work the top part of your abs, not the bottom. So when I was training, I started out by focusing on planks and slow butterfly sit-ups. On somedays I would do my old gymnastics routine of 35 V-ups, 50 tuck-ups and 100 hollow back kicks.

Then someone emailed me who had been in the army and gave me some advice:
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I’ve found that I’m more motivated to work out when I have set goals for myself. Last year, I was on a big running kick and did my first half marathon, first triathlon and my big goal was to run the San Francisco Marathon.

This year, I am still running a couple times a week, but the SF cold has kept me from doing a lot of long runs on the weekends, especially without a big race to train for. I do plan to do more racing, but I’m not sure when. So I’ve decided to mix things up this year.

Here’s how my Monthly Fitness Challenges will work:

  1. At the start of each month, I’ll post a blog post of me doing a particular fitness challenge
  2. If you want to join in, you can post your own time/score in the comments
  3. During the month, I will train for the exercise and share what workouts I do for it
  4. At the end of the month, I’ll post again with my final results
  5. If you’re following along, you can share your results too!

This coincides nicely with my goal to try new stuff on the blog —  as I’ll be trying to shoot videos for every one of my challenges. I’m sure I’ll make lots of mistakes along the way, but I’ll try to fix them as they come up. Let me know if you have thoughts or suggestions!

Note: I know it’s already halfway through the month, so I apologize for taking a while to get this post up. Future posts should come up at the beginning of the month.

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