Travel, Projects, Sales & More: Top Tweets for Aug 23-25

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and this is my way of trying to capture what some of the best things I’ve tweeted recently.

In this round of Top Tweets I found some cool links on traveling around the world, talk about sales strategies, explore “awesome” web apps, affirm the power of mini-projects, and find that 4.2M isn’t eff-you money.

“Things I’ve Learned from Traveling Around the World for Three Years” // Makes you want to drop everything & travel… | 8/24/10 8:52 AM

Sometimes, even prospects who perfectly fit your target customer profile will hesitate in buying. Learn how to turn up the heat. #sales | 8/24/10 11:32 AM

Incredible. RT @DerekeFlanzraich For $10/month, a real person will call you and tell you you’re awesome. | 8/24/10 1:22 PM

“Rapid prototyping as burnout antidote” by @yegg // Great way to keep life fun/interesting in general | 8/24/10 8:29 AM

Turns out that eff-you money is more than you think. @webwright crunches the numbers: /via @ddn | 8/23/10 12:57 PM

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My First Game Changing Deal…..

Read a great post on how a salesman turned around a client who HATED his company into the deal that changed his life. (He wrote 2 handwritten notes a week for 3 months, then worked 24 hrs straight to deliver when she gave him a job). But you got to read it for yourself.

Here is what he learned.

  • Stay commited.
  • Focus on Changing the Game.
  • Be Sincere.
  • Be Different.
  • Risk being laughed at.
  • Risk FAILURE every day.
  • Write handwritten notes.
  • And, most of all positive karma — or leave what you are doing.
  • Develop Entreprenurial Improvisation.