I’ve continued to do a more-or-less weekly podcast with Jason Comely that discusses topics related to rejection therapy. It’s interesting because in essence, all I do is get on Skype and chat with a friend about topics I’m interested in for 30-45 minutes. There’s no sense of audience – and yet according to our analytics, hundreds of people will listen to the cast. Quite strange. But it’s great to know people find value in it. Hope you enjoy these.

In Episode 8, it’s all about personal rejections. Our fearless leader, Jason Comely, is totally immersed in a new 30 day rejection challenge. We get to hear the stories straight from the source – if you’ve been thinking about doing Rejection Therapy, this might be the podcast that gets you in the game.

In Episode 9, we talk about a book I’m reading called Stress for Success, the power of asking good questions to reframe your attitude, establishing basic conversational rapport before making a rejection attempt, and techniques on visualizing success.

Radio Interview on KUSF

I had the good fortune of being asked to speak on KUSF Radio a while back and the interview is now up. I was a featured guest on the show Mind and Body with Dr. Winston Chung – a licensed psychiatrist.

Dr. Chung wanted to talk about Rejection Therapy because he’s always interested in methods of dealing with psychological fears and anxieties without the use of drugs. I don’t think RT is a replacement for help from a medical professional – but I DO think it’s something like exercise for your psyche in that doing it is uncomfortable but beneficial.

I had a lot of fun with the interview – it was my first at a “real” radio station. Dr. Chung is a really cool guy and made it fun for me. I think it turned out well.

The interview is streamable on the website at: KUSF 01.12.11 730-8 PM Mind And Body DJ Dr. Winston. If you prefer the direct mp3 link – it’s here.

Note: Sadly, it looks like the University of San Francisco just sold the rights to broadcast on 90.3 to another station so I may never get to do a follow up interview with Dr. Chung – bummer. Looks like I’m not the only one upset by this news.

Toxic Conversations, Resolutions and “No Mind”: Rejection Therapy Podcast Episode 7

Also finished up and ready to go is Episode 7 of the Rejection Therapy Podcast. I’m sorry it took me a while to post this but better late than never right? This one is all about New Year’s Resolutions, why they’re hard, how to set good ones, and why you should make Rejection Therapy one of your resolutions. Don’t give up on making a change in your life just because it’s late January – it’s never too late to change your life.

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This is something that people ask a lot. I think the following is pretty much the best answer you can find:

  • a rejection ATTEMPT counts if you’re out of your comfort zone
  • a rejection ATTEMPT puts you in a position of vulnerability, but puts the respondent in a position of power
  • a rejection COUNTS if your request / offer is denied

  • Playing Rejection Therapy is not about manipulating people, or getting lots of favors or free stuff. It’s about facing the discomfort that comes with putting yourself out there and risking embarrassment / other negative feelings. You do this to push yourself and never to take advantage of others.

    That’s it. Now go out and play the game.