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So my Fitness Challenge for February was max handstand pushups. I did 19 in my initial test and throughout the month I’ve been doing handstand pushups at the end my regular workouts. Started with 3 sets of 10, ended the month with 3 sets of 15. My goal was 30.

Well, I ended up doing 25. Not quite what I was hopping for, but still a ~30% improvement. In retrospect, I could gone a little bit harder in training, and warmed up a little bit more the day of, before my attempt.

My March challenge is the mile. I remember sucking at the mile in high school, and when I started running back in 2010, my first mile was around 12 mins. I’ll post my video attempt of that soon…

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I asked you guys in my max sit-ups finale whether I should go with burpees or handstand pushups next. When all the votes were tallied, I heard more for handstand pushups so that’s what I went with.

Calling my first round “pretrained” is a bit of a misnomer. I did lots of handstand pushups as a nationally competitive gymnast, and even did a few while on stage at the Palms in Las Vegas singing Brown Eyed Girl with my buddy Ryan Hupfer.

But regardless, the point of these challenges is to see how much I can improve over the next month. I did 19 ast my start, and my goal is 30. I’d love to have you train along. There are a couple handstand pushup tutorials on Youtube you can check out.