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MIT Grads Make More than Harvard Grads & Other Things I Learned From the College Scorecard

College is on my mind these days. It’s been over a decade since I was a college freshman but I mentor a young woman through Minds Matter who is a high school senior in Brooklyn, and preparing her college lists. My little sister is a junior and college is on her mind too.

There are a lot of fairly bogus rankings out there which are based on largely reputation factors, algorithms that change year to year, and mostly consider inputs rather than outputs of the college education. Atlantic’s wonderful (and wonderfully titled) article Your Annual Reminder to Ignore the US World News & Report College Rankings has more on this.

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Six Blistering Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do in Under 30 Mins

One of the biggest reasons why people say they don’t exercise is because they don’t have time. Of course, we all have the same amount of time, and there are plenty of really busy people who work out despite having many other things to do. I trained for and ran the SF Marathon while doing Ridejoy, and have written about the benefits of physical activity for entrepreneurs.

But I also understand that the best way to build a new habit is to make something dead simple — so you can put all your mental resources in pushing yourself during the workout, rather than in thinking of what you should do. So I’ve compiled six workouts you can do any time. No more excuses about not having the time or equipment to workout. Continue reading…


Don’t Let Them Put You in a Bucket

People naturally want to put other people into a bucket. There are of course the obvious examples of race and gender. These stereotypes are so powerful that they can cause you to under or “over” perform on a math test, depending on what stereotype is invoked. [1]. But then there are the more subtle ones:

  • He’s so good at writing, he couldn’t possibly be good as an engineer
  • She’s an athlete so she’s obviously going to be hyper competitive about this project
  • That team fell apart last year in the playoffs, they’re just bad under pressure

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Goodbye Percolate, Hello Etsy

I joined Percolate in March of 2014 as the 100th employee at the company (today: 250+). Back then, we were all piled into a single floor of our NY office in SoHo. We’ve grown tremendously, raising two rounds of funding, opening offices around the world, and delivering The System of Record for global Fortune 500 brands like Unilever and GE.

But in the next chapter of my career in product management, it is time to say goodbye to Percolate, and hello to Etsy. Continue reading…


“When did you do your tour of duty?”

Edit Aug 14th: Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator just wrote a post on the United States Digital Service

I just got back from Washington DC, where I got to spend the weekend at the first ever Presidential Innovation Fellow reunion. You can see some of what happened with the hashtag #PIFHomecoming2015 and the official PIF handle. Continue reading…