Kick Ass Coaching with Jason Shen

Are you ready to kick ass in a big way?

You’ve been there – you’re rocking out, working toward ambitious goals and bringing everything you’ve got to the table. It feels great.

But sometimes we get caught up. We get a little lazy. A little intimidated. A little overwhelmed. And it feels like all that great momentum you’ve been building just comes screeching to a halt. And that sucks.

You’ve got big things you want to make happen in your career and life. If you’re willing to quit making excuses and start producing results, then this program is for you. Get 1 on 1 coaching with me and take your game to the next level. Here’s the deal:

Focused Training.

Our time together is focused on moving forward. We’re not here to psychoanalyze your past — we’re here to make progress on the hairy challenges you’re facing right now.

Battle-Tested Strategies.

This stuff isn’t theoretical. I’ve used it to win an NCAA team championship, build a nationally-recognized nonprofit, graduate with honors from an elite institution and tackle my fears with the 30 day rejection therapy challenge.

Proven Methods.

I taught an overbooked class at Stanford called the “Psychology of Personal Change” & co-host a 1400+ subscriber podcast on overcoming fear. Tens of thousands of people have read my blog posts. Now you can get the full experience.

No obligations. Free consultation.

A Concentrated Dose of Make-It-Happen-ness

This program is designed to get you dramatically closer to your biggest goals in work and life. I ask you tough questions, you give me some real (and likely eye-opening answers). We talk on the phone. We strategize, brainstorm and really get hands on about how you’re going to punch at a higher weight class.

As needed we’ll pull out from my bag of tricks: simple questions that eliminates limiting beliefs, visualization techniques used by Olympic medalists, a better approach to goal-setting and research-backed practices to make lasting behavioral change. It all depends on what YOU need and what YOU’RE working on.

You walk away with a personalized action plan, a stronger and more resilient mindset, renewed energy, passion and courage, clear areas of focus and whenever possible, great connections and resources for going forward. We cut through the crap that’s holding you back and focus on doing the things will produce the biggest results in your life.

The Roadmap for Achieving More

Here’s how it works:

  1. You reach out to me and share a few lines about the big stuff you’re trying to do.
  2. I respond with personal video response sharing my perspective and how I think I can help. If we decide to move forward, we schedule a date and time. Usually 3 weeks in advance.
  3. This program launches with an introductory rate of $100. $50 upon commitment, $50 after the session.
  4. You sit down and answer the 7 Intense Inquiries and get them back to me at least two days before our session. I’ll review them and do advance prep work before the call.
  5. We talk for an hour or so where we get fired up, eliminate the stuff that’s holding you back and make battle plans to win victories in your personal and professional life. To paraphrase Neil Kendall, we’ll get you to stop following your dreams and start beating them into submission.
  6. You get an MP3 recording of the session sent to you within a week.
  7. I produce a recap PDF that covers everything we talk about, including specific books, articles, videos, people to check out
  8. We followup on your progress at a set milestone, to make sure you do what you committed to

All that for $100. Less than the cost of a week of groceries. Are you ready to kick things up to higher gear? Let’s have a conversation about how I can help you take on your challenges and win.

No obligations. Free consultation.

Here’s what some cool folks have said about working with me:

I have always been very ambitious but haven’t accomplished as much as I thought I could, and I would spend the better part of my day doing introspection on why that is. I stumbled upon Jason’s blog a while back and felt that it was one of the most insightful blogs I have come by. After emailing Jason and telling him about myself and how I felt, we scheduled a time to talk over Skype. It was much more than I expected. Jason pinpointed exactly what I needed to work on and gave me wonderful advice on how to achieve my goals. I got a great deal of value from working with him and it’s made a big difference to where I am now.

Joseph Santoyo
Ontario, Canada

After being unsure of how to get where I wanted in my career, I decided to email Jason and ask him for some advice. After an incredibly quick follow up via phonecall, Jason helped me put everything into perspective and made what seemed unfathomable at the time to something extremely achievable. I’m now onto my first dream job at a start up and Jason was pivotal in helping me make that move.

Nicholas Shum
Los Angeles, CA

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