TigerText allows text-message senders to set a time limit from one minute to 30 days after which the text disappears from the company’s servers on which it is stored and therefore from the senders’ and recipients’ phones. (The founder of TigerText, Jeffrey Evans, has said he chose the name before the scandal involving Tiger Woods’s supposed texts to a mistress.)

via The Web Means the End of Forgetting – NYTimes.com.
Got sent this from a former colleague. Great article on how technology is changing the way we view privacy, reputation and the First Amendment. Plus a great shout-out for more discreet texting. =)

Link: Paul Graham talks about addiction and how “procrastinating” on the internet is essentially “getting drunk”.

“People commonly use the word “procrastination” to describe what they do on the Internet. It seems to me too mild to describe what’s happening as merely not-doing-work. We don’t call it procrastination when someone gets drunk instead of working.”

Paul Graham

Link: What “Do You Have A Recession Sales Strategy” Means for Content Publishers – Sales and Marketing @ FolioMag.com

mber 4: As a result of this recession, 27 percent of sales staffs have created additional documentation explaining their competitive value proposition. This means that 73 percent of organizations have not. The single most effective thing organizations can do to thrive during a recession is to redefine their value proposition for their custo