Data-Obsessed Guy Seeks Technical Cofounder via Hilarious YouTube Video

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I normally don’t write about random stuff I find on the internet but this was too good to pass up. I was on Facebook and came across an ad that asked “Will you be my cofounder?”

Amused, I clicked through and I hit a 5+ minute YouTube video of a guy named Daniel Vitiello who’s looking for a technical cofounder for his business. Here it is below:

I’m torn: on one hand, it’s a great example of hustle as Dan talks about the 166 pages of research he’s done on “the data ecosystem”, the industry leaders he’s networked with and the MVP he’s set up — a service that allows consumers to sell their own grocery store reward data directly to data companies and advertisers.

On the other hand, it’s full of awkward/painful moments, like when he does the “Oh hey! Didn’t see you there” walk by, or throws out cheesy lines like “I’ve tested and failed fast with eleven different business models” and “If you are Googling me and see a mug shot, don’t worry. It’s all been taken care of.”


Finding a cofounder is hard as hell and I admire the creativity, but I’m not sure this is going to work out for Dan. The video is a hidden gem though.

Are you a developer? What would be your reaction to this kind of a recruiting pitch?

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  1. Wow thanks for posting this up! I have actually gotten a surprising response from developers so far. At a cost of ~$3 per potential cofounder contacting me, I am happy with the results.

    • @DanielVitiello That’s a pretty low CPA for something like this. I imagine you are paying around 25 cents a click on FB? So 1 in 12 people who click on the ad are contacting you? I guess it is hard to tell because some people may be finding the video from somewhere else?
      Either way, not bad!

      • @jasonshen  @DanielVitiello Yea it surprised me as well. I posted the link to the video on a few meetup events so that could have brought a couple leads as well. I was paying +/-0.24 for CPM seeing conversions as high as .2% then leveling around .08.

  2. I saw Daniel’s video a few days ago and I though it was pretty awesome. It shows hustle, like you mentioned, but he also shows that he’s willing to put the time in to execute some modern startup centric ideas. I think it was in stark contrast to the typical “hey, I have an idea and I want someone to build it” mentality.

  3. Badass to see my buddy Daniel hustle AND for it to be posted on one of the guys blogs I follow (yours). He’s definitely committed and im looking forward to seeing him move forward. Whoever the developer is better be ready…. Believe me… He talks hours on hours about data.

  4. I thought the walkby thing was funny. You have to have a sense of humor when starting a business. 
    Using the words “successful” and “sting operation” in the same sentence probably isn’t a great idea, especially when your next business venture involves data privacy.
    The annoying thing to me is the way he’s obviously reading off his computer screen. At least take the time to memorize to avoid awkward pauses or stretched out words.
    Overall, I’d give him a shot though. Good job putting yourself out there Daniel.

    • @GilHildebrand Thanks for the feedback Gil. I’m definitely guilty of having notes on the screen as you mentioned, maybe I need to invest in a teleprompter :)

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