Getting Rejected 30 Days in a Row [video]

Ignite is a very cool type of event that’s held in cities across the country with a simple premise: interesting 5 minute talks given with exactly 20 slides that forward every 15 seconds.

Public speaking is a skill I think it’s worth developing and Ignite looked like a fun event (I went to one in Mountain View a few years back), so I submitted a proposal to speak at Ignite San Francisco about my experiences with Rejection Therapy.

If you aren’t familiar with Rejection Therapy: it’s a social game invented by an introverted guy named Jason Comely, and the one rule is that you must get rejected by another person at least once, every single day.

The Presentation

My other Rejection Therapy Posts:

Ignite San Francisco is run by Jon Bishop and Patti Chan and they do a fantastic job. The event was held at Public Works and was packed. Probably over 150 people came to support the speakers and they were a great (ie: supportive) crowd. I was also impressed with the creativity and delivery of the other speakers – here are some of my favorites:

What did you think of the presentation?

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Loved your humor especially the croissant story. One thing I'd like to add: if the crowd is laughing, pause a bit before continuing on speaking.. I missed out a couple of words because it was hard to hear (2:02-2:05 and etc)


Fantastic speech! I'm all about life experiments, so this may have to be the next one!


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