I’m Teaching a Class on Skillshare

As the cofounder of a collaborative consumption startup, I do my best to try all kinds of “sharing economy” services like Couchsurfing, TaskRabbit, Airbnb, Vayable, Grubwithus and Skillshare. I even blogged about my experience taking a UX Design for Non-Designers Skillshare class.

But there’s of course generally two sides to these products – the consumer and the producer. In Couchsurfing, theres the host and the surfer. In Vayable there’s the guide and the explorer. And in Skillshare there is the student and the teacher. It’s important to get both perspectives when you can.

I’ve worked hard to avoid blogging about blogging here at The Art of Ass-Kicking. The vast majority of my posts are on overcoming your fears, doing great work and making epic sh*t happen.

At the same time, in building this blog up, I have learned some great lessons about creating compelling content, discovering my audience and attracting 100,000+ visits over 2011.

And I’m sharing what I’ve learned in a class.

I’ll be talking about everything from understanding your audience to what content to create to the nitty-gritty details of the writing process to my hard-earned tactics on getting traffic – many things I’ve never covered on this site.

If you’re in San Francisco and want to learn about producing compelling web content in person from yours truly, then check out my class. And if you know a friend who might be interested, maybe you can forward a note to them about it!

Details below:

“I’ve read your blog”: How to produce compelling web content

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  1. Hey Jason, thanks for the great class tonight! I feel way inspired to start my blog now. Not only did you deliver valuable content and tips on how to blog well, but your teaching style was great. Well done, and thank you again! I’ll definitely share my blog once it’s up :)

    •  @Loren Robeck Thanks so much Loren! I appreciate the comment and I’m so glad you found the class worthwhile. It was fun teaching as well.

  2. Very cool.  I did the same thing in NYC, but my class was called “The How-To-Teach-A-Class Class.”  

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