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I don’t often have an opportunity to share what we’re doing/thinking at Ridejoy but once in a while an opportunity comes up. This time it’s actually three – an article about Ridejoy’s website design, a blog post about how we build community within our team, and a story that mentions how we hired a designer.

Talking about Ridejoy’s Design in the New York Times

Ridejoy in the New York Times

We were connected with David Freedman who wrote a story in his small business column in the New York Times about how we’ve thought about the form and function of the Ridejoy website. Thanks to our cofounder Randy Pang, the site has a very clean look. But design is not just about how things look, but how they feel and how they work.

As David puts it:

Ridejoy is hiding a lot of high-powered complexity behind the intended simplicity of the home page. Consider, for example, that an offered or desired ride can start anywhere, end up anywhere, and happen on any date or time. That means the chances that everyone or even most people who come to the site will find an exact match are not high. So the site’s computers churn through all the possibilities to find the closest matches — perhaps a ride that leaves from a nearby city, or that leaves a day later. If nothing clicks, a notification service lets you know if a new listing comes along that might meet your needs.

Read the whole article at: Would You Trust Ridejoy’s Web Site? (


Building the Ridejoy Team’s Culture and Community Through FoodFood Matters - Building a Startup Office Culture One Meal at a Time

We strive to build a culture at Ridejoy that’s supportive and based on mutual respect, trust and hopefully, friendship. One of the ways we try to create that kind of a community is through shared meals. We recently wrote a blog post that attracted some attention about our Happiness Manager Camille.

Inspired by Thumbtack’s Food Rules post, we decided to experiment with home-cooked meals based on my experience as a cook and kitchen manager in 100+ member housing cooperatives. It’s worked out great and the Office Hero evolved into the Ridejoy Happiness Manager.

Read the whole post by Camille at Food Matters – Building a Startup Office Culture One Meal at a Time (Ridejoy Blog)

The International Search For Our Lead Designer

In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars

As discussed earlier, design and culture are really important to us. So when it came to finding our lead designer, we scoured the planet to find the right fit. This article published in Reuters describes the challenges that companies face when hiring for designers and my cofounder Kalvin Wang shares his thoughts on the topic:

“You do really have to look outside Silicon Valley,” Wang said. “For Bay Area designers, they have literally hundreds of options and they’re going to work at a place where they know people, or a big name like Google.”

Read the whole article at In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars (Reuters)

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