Why I Run

I run for that final sprint at the end of a race, when it feels like I’m holding my breath (even as I pant madly) and the world tears apart at the seams.

I run for the sense of accomplishment after conquering a hill, and for the easy speed that comes with going downhill.

I run to explore new neighborhoods, new street corners and new sights.

I run for second or third mile, when the early fatigue, aches and soreness are gone and all that’s left is pure movement.

I run for the extended glance a cute girl gives me when I’ve got my shirt off on a hot day.

I run for the moment my favorite song comes on my iPod, filling my legs with strength and sending forward.

I run so that next time I really have to catch a bus, I can make it no problem.

I run because I like passing other people.

I run for the feeling that I could run forever.

I run to stay connected to my ancestors’s hunt for dinner across the savannah.

I run because an IronMan is on my bucket list.

I run because I can.

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