Starting Something New

The final strip of my favorite newspaper comic: Calvin and Hobbes. This is how I feel right now. (click image to see full size)

I recently hit two major life milestones:

  • I turned 25 – meaning I’m halfway through my twenties and getting old [1].
  • I cofounded a startup – meaning me and two friends have taken a leap and started work on something we hope will 1) add significant value to the lives of lots of people and 2) be profitable.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur, but I definitely caught the bug when I was Stanford. I initated all kinds of projects and started a nonprofit organization. It was then that I began to think that someday I’d start my own tech startup. I never imagined it’d be so soon.

I spent the past year cutting my teeth at an early stage startup and will be forever grateful to isocket for taking a chance on me and helping me grow. The company is in a great position: the number of publishers we work with has grown by 16.6x and our total monthly revenue by 10.5x. We also just launched – a premium marketplace for display advertising. I’m very proud of what our team has done.

But now it’s time for me to move on to something new. There’s not much to tell you at the moment, but I promise to share more when I can.

I plan to continue blogging (though probably not as frequently) and I hope you’ll stay with me and share in my startup journeys as my cofounders and I push our little toboggan off a giant hill covered in fresh snow.

Thanks for all your support and feedback thus far – I wouldn’t be here without you.

[1] Cue actual old people (40+) groaning about how 25 isn’t old. Though honestly, I think age is mostly a mindset. I’ve seen that attitude is a much better indicator of how a person behaves than their biological age. I still feel very much like a kid much of the time. You can decide for yourself whether that’s a good thing … =)
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mmm, i love the smell of value-creation in the morning.


good luck man. i know you're gonna kill it. let's meet up when you're free


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