Running is a Fundamental Part of the Human Experience [video]

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I used to hate running. As a gymnast, the 90 feet down the vault runway was the farthest I had to go – except once in a while on Saturdays where we’d go out running and I’d breathlessly stumble my way through a mile or two.

I’m now running a couple times a week and loving it.

I’ll write more about this new found love soon – but this old Nike commercial just reminded me how integral running is to the human experience. Definitely gets me pumped for tomorrow morning’s run.

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  1. I used to hate running, but lately I’ve been running more as well. And I find that each time I run, it hurts *slightly* less than before.

    I never would have started on my own. One day a few months, I came into my gym, and our group workout was to run a 10k in under an hour. I’d never run more than a couple miles, and I was totally unprepared in my Chuck Taylors. I ran it anyway and survived, and that was the day I realized how much more was possible.

    Ever try running in Vibrams? I haven’t, but I’ve been consciously running on my toes a bit more, which seems to have gotten rid of my knee pain.

  2. @GilHildebrand Thanks for the the story! I definitely couldn’t do a 10k in an hour – I’m barely trying to run a 5k in under 30. Clearly I still have a ways to go. Funny you should mention Vibrams actually started running because I bought a pair of Vibrams and love them! Running on your toes really does stave off the knee pain.

  3. @GilHildebrand I’ve been running in Vibrams for about a week. Much easier on the knees, but its a while other stride. Lots of toes, which hammers your calves and ankles. I figure once those muscles become un-atrophied, I’ll be much better off.

  4. After I started running, my neighbor told me he wanted to be more healthy, so I’ve been calling him up to come run every couple mornings. I get to encourage and keep him on point, and him expecting that from me keeps me honest as well. Motivation for both of us.

  5. I ran a lot past summer… Then my shiny Fivefinger KSO stumbled upon some woods and scratched… I stopped cold, and only repaired them very recently. I still have to go running again, but time is short: get up, walk around the dog (no, running with him is not an option: he’s a greyhound…), breakfast, thesis work, lunch, thesis work, maybe a little more thesis work at home… If I don’t do more thesis, then it is blogging or writing my upcoming ebook about memorisation techniques. Or reading, there’s always a lot of things to read these days… Let’s see if I can squeeze a little running time in July!



  6. Ah man.. I HATE running with a passion. I’m willing to do all other sorts of cardio as long as its not running..

    But after reading this post and watching that awesome video.. I think I should start to make running a habit. I’ve had difficulty running when I actually had to run.. Figured that its time to improve my running and my overall stamina..

    Now.. To get an iPhone / iPod armband.. Do you guys listen to music while you run? Any equipment to recommend?

  7. @brandontan I listen to music all day long as I work at the computer, so I use my running time as a chance for quiet time. I do bring my iPhone (in my hand), however, when I’m doing sprints or HIITs.

  8. @brandontan Music is good. Picking music is hard. Waiting for an armbad before you start running isn’t necessary. Hold your phone in your hand.

    DJ sets from soundcloud are an easy 40min+ of running music, easy to find. Fun to listen to. Good luck.

  9. @jfeldstein @brandontan Holding the phone in your hand works alright in a pinch. I have a pair of swim trunks with pockets and put my phone in there. Also put the cord under the shirt to keep it from swinging around wildly. Google “a-trak nike running man mix” for a great, free, 45 min track.

  10. LOL funny vid. man running just isn’t my thing. I mean it’s SO much easier on a treadmill compared to actually traveling. In fact, I get nauseous after a while if I’m running (not on a treadmill) for some reason.. but even on a treadmill it’s hard. and I usually look next to me to see this guy running his 5th mile… I think I need to hang a juicy steak in front of me next time.

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