Road Trips and Taking the Long Way

Faster. Sooner. Now.

Our world revolves around doing more in less time. We want our microwave food to take 3 mins or less. We want the medicine to work instantly. We want our blogs to blow up tomorrow. We’re so impatient.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to take things slow. People appreciated aged wine and aged whiskey and there’s no speeding 15 years up. Sometimes it’s worth the wait and worth the effort.

I’m on a road trip with my friend from New York City. He’s never been to California before and we’re doing it right:

San Francisco -> Napa/Wine Country -> Santa Cruz -> San Luis Obispo -> Santa Barbara -> Los Angeles -> San Diego.

We’re driving Highway 1, one of the most scenic driving routes the world has to offer. Instead of flying down to LA or driving the 5, we’re going the long way. And my god, it is worth it.

Edit: Here’s the video I made of the trip. It was a great time.

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