Retraining Our Minds Toward Fear (quote)

To use fear as the friend it is, we must retrain and reprogram ourselves…We must persistently and convincingly tell ourselves that the fear is here–with its gift of energy and heightened awareness–so we can do our best and learn the most in the new situation.

– Peter McWilliams

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jasonshen moderator

Hey @droope123 thanks for dropping by! I actually feel the same way. There's a little voice inside my head that says "go do it!" every time I encounter something I'm scared of. I think in general it's a good thing, but it can backfire too! =)


I frequently find myself facing fear just because of doing it:

e.g. I am afraid to jump over a leap. There is absolutely no need for me to jump that leap, but as I am afraid to do it, i do it. It's not really smart, but that's what I do :P

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