Rejection Therapy Podcast Number 8 and 9

I’ve continued to do a more-or-less weekly podcast with Jason Comely that discusses topics related to rejection therapy. It’s interesting because in essence, all I do is get on Skype and chat with a friend about topics I’m interested in for 30-45 minutes. There’s no sense of audience – and yet according to our analytics, hundreds of people will listen to the cast. Quite strange. But it’s great to know people find value in it. Hope you enjoy these.

In Episode 8, it’s all about personal rejections. Our fearless leader, Jason Comely, is totally immersed in a new 30 day rejection challenge. We get to hear the stories straight from the source – if you’ve been thinking about doing Rejection Therapy, this might be the podcast that gets you in the game.

In Episode 9, we talk about a book I’m reading called Stress for Success, the power of asking good questions to reframe your attitude, establishing basic conversational rapport before making a rejection attempt, and techniques on visualizing success.

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