Next Game Comes Quick [video]

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I love Gatorade and though I haven’t tried G3, I assume when taken properly, it probably helps with recovery. I mainly share this video because of it’s final message: next game comes quick.

The thing about work, success and life in general is that it keeps going. It never stops. Get some work done? New work is on it’s way. Write a great blog post? Tomorrow it’s old news. Close a deal with a new customer? You’ll be fighting to keep an old one in a minute.

This isn’t to say you can’t make progress or growth isn’t possible, but that pacing yourself is important. Work in sprints, but make time for recovery, because it never ends.

Next game comes quick.

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  1. I like how the narrator is like “so you can re-swagger” Nice gatorade, nice. Anyway, I have a quick story. When I was a Junior in high school, all of a sudden it was like the world hit me. I decided to take AP Chemistry, Honors English, Calculus, Japanese 5-6, Physics, and History. And I had a possessive boyfriend who was somewhat crazy and wouldn’t let me hang out with anyone other than him. AND I had cheer practice everyday for two hours. It was my hardest year and I had absolutely no time to spare. When AP test were over I was more than ready to celebrate. psh. No, more work came. I then started taking Physics at Stanford in the summer, which was a pretty hard class. Then after that was done I thought I was FINALLY done. Nope. Towards the end of summer I started taking SAT classes every weekday for 3-4 hours and a practice test every Saturday. So for my ENTIRE senior year (which I tried to take easy classes for), I had stupid SATs to worry about and stress out for 9 months. And THEN at the same time I had college applications and personal statements to worry about until February. (Damn you CommonApp!).

    To say the least, I had a stressful time in high school, but I’d say I came out victorious. And btw I did take a break from it all the summer after senior year and went to Hawaii lol. Then came college. Yes, Jason, next game does come quick. A little too quick sometimes. But, hey, it gives my life a purpose :)

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