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Things have been super busy lately, but I promise a more regular blogging schedule is coming soon. In the meantime I thought I’d highlight some things I’ve been up to across the web that you might not have checked out:

Startup Fitness

Derek and I wrote a series of posts about working out & entrepreneurship. The first one was about How Working Out Makes Us Better Entrepreneurs, which I cross-posted here. The other two are excerpted below.

Start Up Fitness: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Working Out

We recently wrote about how working out can be your secret weapon as an entrepreneur. It gives you more energy, stronger focus & decision-making abilities, better ideas, and deeper rest– and that’s just for starters.

But if working out is so great, why aren’t we all doing it? Well, no time, too busy, not enough energy, don’t know where to start, putting it off for later, will start tomorrow, etc… We know it’s hard to fit working out into a crazy busy life. But it is possible. And worthwhile. Living a healthier lifestyle is one that’s built step by step, one smart choice at a time. But if you’re ready to start down that path of a more energized, focused, and productive life – here are our best strategies on how to get started: (Click to read more)

Startup Fitness Advice from Battle-Hardened Entrepreneurs

We recently wrote about how working out can be your secret weapon as an entrepreneur and shared our entrepreneur’s guide to working out. This time, we turn to 14 battle-hardened founders and entrepreneurs who prioritize fitness and ask them what they do, why they do it, how they find the time, and what their advice is for others. Without further ado, here’s the awesome stuff they said: (Click to read more)

6 Thoughts on Online Dating from a Guy’s Perspective

This is a post I wrote for Kat Richter during our recent blog swap. Her blog is all about dating (most off people she’s met online) so I wrote about something I don’t cover much here: dating. Here’s the intro:

Hey guys – I’m Jason! I’m a twenty-something guy who grew up on near Boston, went to school in California (Stanford) and now live in San Francisco.

I write a blog called The Art of Ass-Kicking which means I mostly blog about things like taking cold showerslessons learned from working at a startup, and getting personally rejected 30 days straight.

One topic that doesn’t get much coverage is my dating life (surprise, surprise). Which makes it great that I’ve been partnered here with Kat for this blog swap.

I’m a big fan of online dating (as the co-founder of an Internet startup, I find that it’s the only thing that gets me out of the house and meeting people) and I know Kat has some experience with it too.

There’s definitely some big differences (in my mind) about about online dating from the male vs female perspective– and perhaps from the East Coast and the West Coast. So without further ado, here are six thoughts from me on online dating– Some of these are lessons, some are questions some are just observations. Enjoy! (Click to read more)

Rejection Therapy Podcast continues

Though I haven’t been talking about it lately, I’ve continued to host podcasts with Jason Comely around the topics of Rejection Therapy. In two recent podcasts, we discussed Rejection Therapy being optioned for a reality TV series, as well as the lessons of humility and persistence learned from doing Rejection Therapy. Check ’em out:

Rejection Therapy Reality TV Series? Here’s the Scoop: Podcast 19

Being Wrong and Rejection Therapy for Start-Ups: Podcast 18

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