Introducing Ridejoy

I know it’s been over 4 months since I first posted about starting something new without really much word. I’ve gotten a fair number of inquires about it lately and I apologize for holding out on you for so long! [1] There were important reasons why I couldn’t blog more about it.

But the cat comes out the bag today.

I’m thrilled to introduce Ridejoy – a place to find new friends to share rides with. We’re a social transportation startup and we’re going to transform the way Americans get around. A more personal piece comes tomorrow, but let’s start with the TechCrunch story:

YC-Funded Ridejoy: Make Some Dough On Your Next Roadtrip (And Maybe Some New Friends)



[1] I recently got an email from a concerned reader asking about the status of my startup. He noticed that I hadn’t been posting much and was worried that maybe things were tanking and I had no one to turn to!

Fortunately that isn’t the case but I truly appreciated the note – it’s great to have thoughtful readers!


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