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So one of the big things that happened last week in the tech world was the launch of Color, a geo-aware photo sharing app that has received $41M of funding from Sequoia Capital and other major investors before it even launched.

It’s garnered a number of different reactions from different folks in the tech world – why don’t we take a look in this week’s LINK ROUNDUP

Color Looks To Reinvent Social Interaction With Its Mobile Photo App (And $41 Million In Funding) The TechCrunch article that starts it all. Jason Kincaid gives a generous but even keel explanation of the app and why the startup behind it could be very successful.

Color This is the post on Hacker News which has a number of comments, mostly negative, about the app and the startup and why this is an example of how the tech bubble has really burst.

Aim Higher: Stop Building Photo Sharing Apps Cristina Cordova, a blogger and biz dev at Alphonso Labs, the folks behind Pulse, felt so strongly about Color that she emerged from a 6 month blogging hiatus to tell the world that startups need to aim higher than just building photo sharing apps. Pitch Slides Lampoon Tech Bubble Absurdity Another hater – this time it’s a fake slideshow that mocks the premise behind Color and more broadly a great deal of the current Silicon Valley mentality when it comes to building companies.

Color Founder Bill Nguyen Explains Why You’re All Wrong — It Really IS A $41 Million Idea Business Insider gets an interview with Bill Nguyen, the cofounder of Color, who is trying hard to get on top of the negative press and explain why Color is really so compelling.

The Color Of Money MG Sigler of TechCrunch comes in with a comprehensive analysis of all the commotion and offers some interesting insights into what we really ought to take from the launch and subsequent commotion: Sequoia really believes in the app and it’s easy to call things a losing bet than throw money down on what you think is a winning bet.

‘Color’ is Primal and Kind of Brilliant The last link here is one by blogger Cody Brown who shares his own personal experience using Color and how he found it to be a fun way to connect with a neighbor. He agrees that it’s kind of creepy, but also fascinating when applied to a global scale.

So what do you think about everything that’s happened with Color? Have you had a chance to try it? I haven’t personally been able to play with it because it requires iOS 4.2 or higher and I don’t want to upgrade because I jailbroke my iPhone and want to keep tethering…

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