Why Learn Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a web-oriented framework built on top of the scripting language Ruby. It’s specifically designed to help developers build web apps faster and more easily.

Hopefully I’ll update this page later on, but here is the bullet point version to why I’m choosing Rails over the many other ways I could learn how to develop web apps.

  • I love 37 signals (the creators of Rails)
  • Rails has a strong and growing community
  • Rails has a lot of off-the-shelf goodies
  • PHP (I’ve been told) can encourage sloppy/janky code-writing
  • I don’t really hear much about Django, the other big web framework
  • Rails powers Twitter! (and the fail whale isn’t because of Rails)
  • Rails 3.0 was just released (8-31-10) so I get a clean, powerful start
  • See quote below…’nuff said

Ruby on Rails is astounding. Using it is like watching a kung-fu movie, where a dozen bad-ass frameworks prepare to beat up the little newcomer only to be handed their asses in a variety of imaginative ways.”
-Nathan Torkington, O’Reilly Program Chair for OSCON (emphasis mine)

You can learn more about my adventures with Ruby on Rails here.

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